Adios Comatose

It's been well over three years since I last did this, so I'm sure I've gotten from bad to worse :)
The biggest highlight of my existence in this hiatus has been the adoption of a Lab-something, absolutely mischievous, absolutely sweet, absolutely intelligent and very loving canine child named Kahlua. I recently decided he is a Labradane, if there is something of the sort.

The heart of this blog is our joyride of a life together, and what I learn, everyday from him.
Since blogs are supposed to be the place where one is entirely honest, let me begin by cheating. This first post is from an old Facebook Note. It describes how Kahlua and I found each other, and how I fell in love. It's from a different time in my life, so please bear with the indiscretions in grammar and the like.


It starts by looking at the local online kennel everyday. It builds into looking at Petfinder everyday, maybe even twice ;) You make notes of the IDs on your iPhone. You decide later that evening that you're not ready. You do this everyday.
Until one day you see a litter of little back lab puppies on the website. Noone adopts the little black ones they say. They are the first to be euthanized at the Animal Shelter.
Little black puppy makes you curious. You drive all the way to Cairo Georgia to meet him. He comes and sits in your lap, cuddling while his sisters are prancing around. Jumping all over you.
"I'll be back Friday to sign the papers", you say. Inside, you're still on the fence. Will I really?
Then he makes the puppy face.
You spend all of next week buying puppy things and making your room safe for the new baby. A crate, a soft bed, loads of chew toys, many many squeaky toys, puppy training pads, flea and tick collar, puppy chow, puppy harness, leash and puppy treats!
You don't sleep all week in anticipation. Puppy comes home on Friday, a little scared, very exhausted and curls up into the warm puppy bed. Puppy snores. You should have slept last week!
The next 2 days are a haze. This puppy is special! He tries not to dirty the house - likes going outside. He escapes his playpen which you had locked securely, scared that he might hurt himself in your absence. He escapes, twice. You say, okay puppy if you are smart enough to escape you deserve to be free - you don't dirty the place and you mostly only chew whats yours :) so mum just needs to be careful that she doesn't leave anything harmful where you might find it!
Puppy is very intelligent! He has also now graduated to making mum scoot over so he can sleep next to her. He is also very sweet - will not disturb his sleeping mother unless absolutely necessary :) Except ofcourse when he is bored, which is when mother has 23 pounds of happy puppy standing on her stomach wagging his tail!
Puppy has the sweetest yawn, and the sweetest puppy eyes. Puppy is a couch potato too, which suits his mom perfectly. Our best time together is watching TV after a hard days work!
Puppy walks his mother too :) He is strong! He discovered a Paw Park where he almost learned 'fetch'. He has some puppy friends. He is shy, yet curious. So does not approach until approached. Sometimes puppy just hides behind his mother.
I love little Pupzilla!


This was written a couple of days after he came home. I would like to point out, that I have graduated from an iPhone to a real phone. (This debate is for another time ;) and I have another note to paste about it) .
Also, I still call him "Puppy".  I always will.

I hope my first post wasn't too disappointing! Here is a puppy picture of Kahlua to make it better.