Cutie Cannoli

Cannoli (singular Cannolo) usually have a creamy sweet center and their outside is a pastry crust. But this little Cannoli is creamy and sweet through and through. Look !

A 10 week old baby puppy (yes, I say 'baby puppy') abandoned along with his two siblings,  is now being fostered by my friend. The universe does work in miraculous ways :) But Cannoli still needs his forever home!

What kind of dog is he, you say? I really don't know! A cute one fore sure. When I cuddled, kissed and hugged met him, he seemed to have a lab face with doxin legs but really I am no expert whatsoever. I actually think he is mixed with a little Yoda. Look at those ears!

To see Cannoli's siblings please see a fellow rescue advocate's account of a Doggie Wash event this past Saturday.

You know what the most remarkable thing about this pup was ? It was literally his first day interacting with other dogs and he was so brave amidst two very energized labradanes!

The one (hyphenated) word that comes to mind when I think of him is "chilled-out". He just wanted to nap on the couch. The other two were not behaving their age playful and kept waking the poor baby. Even then, he didn't care, he just watched,  poised on the couch or on one of our laps. There were moments where he sought solace in one of our warm embraces or hid under the table, but wouldn't you too,  if two unknown someones, the size of Shaquille O'Neal were being very prancy around you? (No offense to him, I actually really like him in the Buick ads :) ) Cannoli was well enroute to being very social among these massive beings is all I am trying to convey.

My friend says from what it looks like he has sort of house trained himself. No accidents in the first two days that she has had him. And he seems to be all bladder inside that cuteness since he doesn't really wake her at the crack of dawn even. (A little after maybe..but for a pup of 10 weeks, that is remarkable!)

So hey, you want him? He would complete your family perfectly don't you think ? To give him the perfect permanent home he deserves, please email Last Hope Rescue at


  1. Awwww! He is just the cutest thing on Earth! It was really nice to meet your friend Shelia too. She is wonderful!

    1. Thanks, Morgan! It was great to meet you too :)

  2. He us probably the cutest little fella I have ever seen. I wish I could see him in person, but he'll be gone far before I come back:)

  3. Yes Morgan, she is wonderful :)
    Nick you are right - when I said bye to him I told him i'd probably never see him again because he would be adopted in a second! :)

  4. Shalini, I love your blog <3 Thanks so much for always doing posts on my foster babies!!! Cannoli is very much a perfect pup, they all are. You should have seen him climbing on top of Shadow this morning :)

    Nick, come back ASAP? lol

  5. Awww!! Pictures ?? I blame you Sheila for my trying to temp foster Alexa ! <3