Mom says I'm a Road Warrior

Hi Everyone! Mom is busy cleaning. Grandpaw and Grandmeao gave her a well needed reality check on being more organised about everything. So i'm being a good pup and updating this blog so she doesn't feel like she is falling behind.

This morning I was a happy puppy. No, wait, I am always happy except when I need to go on the road for a walk. There are all these really loud big objects that zoom past me and make loud scary sounds. I used to be very freaked out as a puppy, but when I did it a few times I realized that they usually stay on that rough grey part of the road.. and they don't come onto my grey part. But sometimes on my grey part, there is these other strange mobile objects whizzing past, not as loud, but pretty fast. I am pretty sure that there are humans mounted on these too, because they usually exchange pleasantries with Mom. But I am not totally sure, since they are grey too. Everything is grey. It's not like I can see fifty shades of it anyway.

So anywho, we went out. Oh I hated it so much! Why does Mom choose the busiest road! I stuck my behind to my part of the grey road. Did not move, but damn it she made me! We walked and walked. But when we passed that big place that actually sells those awful moving loud objects I saw they have those gi-normous cloth banner things with something written in human .. I had had enough. "I ain't moving, ma and you can't make me" I said. But she did. Although I think she realized I had had enough and that I had met her halfway. You see,we both are stubborn. These things don't skip a generation.

So we found a quieter little street. Now why can they make all of them like this I say! We walked and walked. And I swear we were almost home, but Mom .. she cheated me. We went the other way! She told me she didn't feel like we had exercised enough. Oh what a load of bullocks ! Anyway, I waddled along .. it was a pretty street, not much of them machine monsters. Just one of those other strange ones, but I did not feel as upset as I usually do with those. The human seemed nice enough! You see, there are these two little humans always whizzing around on those where I live, and they really seem to like me. Mom wrote something about the little humans that I think all big humans should read and understand. I think that these two little humans might be helping me understand all the other little ones a little better. Still, we will take it one pawprint at a time.

Finally we reached home. And Mom was so proud of me! She declared me "Road Warrior". Look I even got a Medal. (A hot dog would've been just fine too!)

She says I am brave, and protective, and beautiful and very well behaved and she loves me.
 I know how pawesome I am y'all! And I love her too. I am not sure about this whole "Road Warrior" deal.. I would prefer the title of  "Sleep Warrior".

Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. How cute! My doggies look just like you! My dog is very afraid of busy roads too. He walks with his tail between his legs and pulls to go home. Cute post!
    I am visiting from UBP13! Still trying to meet more people. I can't wait to read more of your adventures, Road Warrior!

    1. Hi April! Thank you :) we would love to red your blog too ! Thanks for visiting us !

  2. Sounds like you earned the title of Road Warrior.. and I bet Sleep Warrior shortly thereafter!