Fun phrases from everywhere

You know those one liners that often catch your eye and make you smile ? Or even laugh out loud ? (No, I will not use "LOL" on my blog. I am old enough to have used Audio Cassettes and Video Tapes as a kid, so no. )

I just decided to share some of the fun stuff I've read around town, or on the Internet.

Unattended children will be given expresso, and a free puppy.
I saw this at Mojo's Backyard and at Paws Pet Boutique.  Ofcourse both times led to good conversation. Please check out both places right away if you haven't. They're wonderful, and they're local so support them! 

A dog wags its tail from the heart.
Raise your hand if you went "Awwwwwww" ! Also please post a comment because I can't see your hand. 
This one, I saw at Doggie Dayz Daycare and Training. Have you ever wondered what happened to those quiet, calm evenings that you used to have before you adopted your pup ? Well you can have them back again! Send your pup to DDayz and upon return,  he/she will make a bee line for the bed.

My blood type is Coffee.

I bought this wall decal from  Etsy. A fun website where artists can showcase and sell their creations.

Keep Calm and Blame Malfoy.

I saw this on a Tee on RedBubble. The Tees here are also designed and shipped by real people as opposed to mass manufactured. So think about getting your next wacky Tee from this website.  You can tell I'm a serious PotterHead! Are you ?

Dog Hair is a condiment in our home.

Yep, that's right. Also available on Etsy.

Dog friendly, beware of People.

Available at Paws! Also, if someone gifted this to you, either they really love your dog, or you have something to think about. We own this sign, so go figure :) haha!

If my dog doesn't like you, I don't like you.

This is a cold hard fact. Deal with it.

Did any of this make you smile ? I sure hope it did! Did you read any fun stuff around town you'd like to tell us about ?


  1. Awww those were cute! The condiment one is especially fitting in my home. =P

  2. Thank You Kayla! Yes, do check out that website ! It has a lot of such cute things :)