Tick-Free Tuesday - End Dog Fighting.

I received this in an email from the ASPCA. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am a strong supporter of the ASPCA. Please help end dog fighting by reading below, donating if you will, and spreading the word.

 They're Fighting for Their Lives

Young puppies bred for fighting are often forced into lives of abuse and neglect. Tethered to short, heavy chains or locked away in tiny cages, they often receive inadequate care and little socialization. They can go for days without food or clean water. They never experience unconditional love.

When dog fighting dogs are old enough to fight, many die of blood loss, shock and exhaustion. Others are unceremoniously killed for losing a fight.

Even when they’re lucky enough to be rescued, dog fighting victims face a difficult path to recovery. Despite the best efforts of expert rehabilitators, not all dogs rescued from fighting make it.

From the very beginning, these dogs are fighting for their lives.
But with your support, we can put an end to dog fighting.

The entire ASPCA is deeply committed to saving dogs from fighting.
The Blood Sports Unit of our Field Investigations and Response Team helps carry out criminal investigations, providing expertise in large-scale rescues and raids including the Michael Vick case and a Bronx bust less than a year ago.
Our experts provide critical training to animal control officers, police officers and veterinarians across the country to empower them to take action against dog fighters.

Behind the scenes, our legal team works to ensure dog fighters face tough consequences, and our government relations staff is pushing hard for tougher dog fighting laws.

With your help, the ASPCA can remain a leader in the battle against dog fighting, working to rescue animal victims and prosecute offenders.

Help us in our fight to stop this barbaric form of cruelty and all others. Together we can save countless animals from lives of abuse.

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