Rest Insured

Pet Health Insurance - Should I ? Shouldn't I ? He's just a puppy so he is healthy. Maybe later when he's older and health problems start creeping in.

Yes, all those thoughts crossed my mind too. But in my opinion pet insurance is a must, and the sooner you start, the better. Why ? It is easier to have a decent plan at a decent premium for a healthy pup with no existing issues. Note, Obamacare does not apply to puppies.

I looked into a multitude of options and decided on ASPCA. I pay $20 a month for a $100 deductible and accident and illness coverage.  The per incident limit its $1500 and annual limit is $8000. So, for $240 a year paid monthly, we are insured for upto $8000.   There are options for wellness coverage too, but when I calculated the cost of Kahlua's annual and semiannual exams against the cost of the premiums for that plan, I did not find it beneficial. I urge you to do your own calculation based on what the quote shows for your baby's age, size and general health situation.

ASPCA has been good to us so far. I am a strong supporter of ASPCA. What do you do when you get an envelope in the mailbox with a sad and VERY cute puppy picture inside, equipped with a business reply envelope ? You put a check in it, and send it right across. (It disturbs me that when it is for a human, I don't exactly have the same speedy response.)
She does, she puts checks in them. And puts return address labels with puppy pictures. She does.

Back to insurance. The ease of claim submission, the response time, and the fact that they do not screw you over like my dental insurance did me (rage), make them a good choice. I simply scan and email them the claim with the itemized invoice the vet gave me. In a few weeks, I have an email explaining what they covered, and a check in the mail. (Which, I photograph with my bank's fancay shmancay app, and volia .. chaching on my end!).

It's not 100% coverage, but it is something. I agree that bad incidents happen, and can go upwards from $1500. My paws are crossed that nothing bad happens to my Kahlua, but in the unfortunate event that we do have such an incident, we will be grateful for even that much coverage (for which we paid much less in premiums).

By the grace of the universe, we have not had any major mishaps thus far (please knock on wood for us?).
Please ?

 But my baby is a baby and yes he will come home from daycare with a cough every once in a while, or a puncture wound, or get into something at the park and get a stomach bug.

Expenses add up. Quoting one of those insurance ads on TV, "Chances are, you're not made of money". It's easier to factor $20 into a monthly expense than say $500 as a sudden expense (that will not be reimbursed.. ever) It maybe hard to front that cost but you can beg, borrow (and not steal) and arrange it somehow and pay it back later with the insurance money.

So, do the math, and make the choice!

Mom thinks Angry Bird bandages are a good idea. Is she normal?
Mom, you are awful to take pictures at this painful time in my life.


  1. I've been torn about pet insurance, and I admit I thought to myself "Lana's so young and healthy". I will definitely have to look back into it! Plus I hadn't researched getting it through the ASPCA, so thank you for the suggestion! =)

  2. You're welcome! It is something one tends to put off. I can't remember now but I think what finally pushed me to do this was a giant vet bill :)