Mysteriously Misaligned Stars

Astrology - Do you believe in it ? I am very confused about my beliefs in this one because I come from the land of where people, who are not me, believe that stars determine everything.  Right from if you are the bane of your family's existence,because the exact time of your birth is just plain unfortunate owing to some strange planetary occurrence; to you having  the modern day Midus touch because you were born when Jupiter was doing a little happy dance.

My point is -Astrology- I don't understand it, but there are people who do, and people who study it, and people who calculate the correct time for every move of their life based on it.

Btw- this post is not canine related.

I've had a string of misfortunes lately. Nothing very bad. Just one of those times where everything sort of happens together. The only way I've been taught to rationalize it is this: A small misfortune that happened to you, has warded off something much larger, or much worse that was about to come your way.

When my second 'bad thing' happened, and I told Sambuddha about it, he said "I know you don't believe in all this, but listen to me, just be vigilant at all times, you are going through an Astrologically bad spell". I've been told this before, and in India it was a common custom to 'rid the evil' by performing certain rituals, one of which my mom would do a slightly 'fast-forwarded' version of - because like me, she is not exactly a believer, but hey.. her daughter was having a spell.. so you bring out the salt .. and you do that thing you do, right ?

So, I asked Sambuddha - when does it end ? He said.... just wait it out.. it will. Hmm.. to a girl who when looked at her birth chart (the one time that she did), it looked like a crossword puzzle gone very wrong. Why was the chart made ?  Because every Hindu family does it. Just as every Hindu man has a thread ceremony when he is young. Except, my dad had his the day before his wedding otherwise he wouldn't be allowed the luxury of holy matrimony. And where is that thread now, Papa ? I don't know, child, I lost it the day after the wedding. Hmm.. so my dearest Sambuddha, you need to tell me exactly when it will end - or give me a formula, or a method.. something!

And I thought it was over, until I was in a minor car crash today. I am seriously upset about it. I'm still paying off this car. It's my first real car and I love it with all my heart. The whole thing was so unnecessary. But it makes me think, had I left the house a minute later, would this have been avoided? I had been thinking of stopping at the laundromat all morning to check my balance, but in the end, I just decided it could wait. Crash.

I have always believed that all events are linked. All people are linked. Everyone you know, you have met for a reason. But are there certain times in your life where the stars are so grossly misaligned that every hand dealt to you-sucks ?  If something can go wrong, it will ?

Do you believe in Astrology ? Do you believe that the planets and the stars are sitting up there playing a morbid game of hopscotch wherein suddenly they decide  to line up, and screw you over? And what is the average time frame in which they decide to un-align themselves ?

And please, my stars, enough is enough.. this is just not funny anymore.


  1. Very amusing but also aww-inspiring :) It'll get better, you.

  2. Nanduuuuu thank u!! Lots love! Chalo Ferm!